H.40 Mahogany Open Bookcase 40 inches x 10 inches x 40 inches H. Upright moulded columns with a cross-banded frieze and plinth. Adjustable wood shelving. Brass rosette mountings.
H.41 Rosewood Bookstand made in Rio Rosewood 19 inches x 15 inches x 37 inches H. Featuring a lift-up top to act as a lecturn which is supported by an adjustable arm up to a 45 degree angle. Solid Ebony bookrest. Raised from a cross-banded moulded plinth to a compartment with two adjustable shelves which have a variety of uses, i.e. stereo equipment, video and CD storage. Dummy leather bound books to two sides. Also available in Mahogany.
H.42 Regency Rosewood Breakfront Bookcase 55 inches x 14 inches x 36 inches high, cross-banded top with brass stringing lines. The interior in a pale finished veneer. Adjustable wood shelving. Brass honeysuckle motif on frieze. Available in Mahogany.
M.3 Mahogany Book-trough. 32 inches x 12 inches x 30 inches H with splay feet hand holds.

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